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Valet Pick-up and Delivery

Imagine never having to go to the cleaners
Save yourself a trip and let quality cleaners pick up and delive your dry cleaning at your residense or your workplace. No more waiting in line. No more forgetting to pickup or drop-off your dry cleaning. And no more looking for parking spaces. Its convenience that fits your busy schedule from a cleaner that you can trust. Now you can receive our award winning quality and attention to detail with the added convenience of personal delivery service.

How does it work?
One call saves you two trips… (248) 543-1659

You decide on where you would like us to provide the service - home or office.

We will provide you with one of our custom bags and your personalized ID card.

Click here to complete the online registration form on which you can tell us about your personal preferences.

On your first scheduled pick up, place the bag and the registration form at the agreed upon pickup and delivery location.

We will then pickup your garments and three days later your clothing is returned to you cleaned, pressed and ready to wear. It's that simple.

Pickup & Delivery Schedule
Depending on your location, either tuesday and friday, or monday and thursday. .

Attention to detail.
Our staff inspects all clothes following the dry cleaning and pressing process. If a button is loose, we sew it back on. If a hem is torn, we'll repair it. All at no extra charge. It's our way of ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction each and every time.

What if I need my dry cleaning back ASAP?
No problem…Just call us at (248) 543-1659 and we will be happy to assist.

Do I have to be present for each pick up and delivery?
No, just indicate to us where you would like
us to pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. All we ask is that you ensure that there is a secure location for the service.

Where do you recommend I leave my dry cleaning?
Over the years we have had some customers choose to leave their clothes on their front porch or in their garage. Our business clients find it convenient to set up service in their personal office, back storage room or an employee closet. New cleaning can be left in carports, back porches, and offices or with the receptionist. We work with each customer to find the best solution.

Where does Quality Cleaners pick-up from and deliver to?
We will pick up and deliver your dry cleaning items to your home or your office. Service is available in Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties.

Does Quality Cleaners operate it's own plant and route service?
Yes, all pick-up orders are delivered to our operating plant located at 1207 East Lincoln in Royal Oak, Michigan. Since 1947 our family has been providing professional dry cleaning services, we invite you to visit our dry cleaning plant.

What do I do if I have a question about my order?
At Quality Cleaners we pride ourselves on timely and accurate service. If you have a question, please call us (248) 543-1659.

What if I want service at my office?
We'll deliver and/or pick up your clothes without interrupting your day to day business operations.

What if I do not have clothes on my scheduled day?
Call (248) 543-1659 and let us know you do not need a pick-up. Our drivers manage a route that allows them to accurately check each customers drop off and pick up location twice a week.

Should I treat stains before i bring the garments in?


What makes Quality Cleaners different from other dry cleaners?
Experience - we are celebrating over 60 years of business. Our family takes great pride in providing to our customers the expertise and services to ensure quality and consistency for each and every garment. Our trained professionals know how to treat garments and stains right the first time, saving you time and money.

At Quality Cleaners, we guarantee the highest quality
on each and every garment.

For personal assistance call us at (248) 543-1659.

Member of International Fabricare Institute

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