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Minor repairs are FREE…tighten buttons, sew seams, mend cuffs

Every garment is thoroughly inspected for stains, tears and holes. Manufacture labels are read to insure your garment is cleaned to their recommendations. And every garment is professionally pressed and hand finished.

Specializing in ST. JOHN KNITS to Executive Shirts

Full service dry cleaning available…from cotton and linen to knits, beaded and sequins. Our professional prespotting stain removal process ensures that your garments are individually inspected and treated with the utmost professional care.

Laundered Shirts

When the jacket comes off it's the shirt that does the talking. Buttons are tightened or replaced at the first sign of wear and collars and cuffs are pressed to perfection. All shirts are starched to your personal preference and can be placed on hangers or folded.

Formal Wear

Keep your tux or designer dress looking like new. Our professional staff will handle your garments with the utmost care. Beads or Sequins are hand cleaned and receive special finishing.


Professionally protect your wedding dress, the one item that symbolizes the biggest day in your life!
Our heirlooming techniques avoid the damages that can occur on fragile and elegant gowns. We safely cleanse and care for all delicate fabrics and trims, then gently shape and package your gown and accessories into an acid-free archival box.

Leather and Suede

By replenishing the oils in your leather and suede garments helps to preserve it's natural look and feel. We use only the finest conditioners and cleansers to remove stains. And each garment receives the extra time and care that it deserves.


Protect yourself and your garments from rain and snow. Water repellant will not only keep you dry but will also help to resit staining while maintaining the garment's look and feel.


Protect your drapes with our professional drapery service, from take down to re-hanging. All drapes are inspected for sun damage, wear and tear as well as stains, then they are carefully cleaned and professionally finished.

Bedding & Household Items

From bedspreads to lines we've got you covered. Down comforters, rugs, sofa covers, arm rests, you name it and we'll clean it. Don't be afraid to ask, chances are we have all ready cleaned an item similar to yours.

Shoe Repair And Purse

Do you need a shine? Are your shoes and purses in tiptop shape? If not you're in luck, we can have you on your feet in no time.


Professional alterations are available from minor repairs to major adjustments, our seamstresses will deliver quality work. Services offered include: relining coats, skirts and slacks, zipper replacement, resweing buttons, size alterations, lengthening or shortening hems, adding or removing cuffs. Just ask and we'll see that it gets done.

Medical Garments, Lab Coats & Uniforms

Quality Cleaners has been providing our full line of dry cleaning services to physician's offices, city and municipal departments well as commercial customers for more than 55 years.

We insure that all safety and environmental issues are done in the methodology as recommended by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health and approved by OSHA and the EPA. We continue to expand our services to support those that serve and protect each and every one of us, thank you.

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